Tick, Tock… Fun & Funky Wall Clocks

Sure, you could just choose a plain, personality-free wall clock or depend on your watch (or cell phone). But that would be boring. So why not spice things up with a clock that doesn’t just tell you what time it is but makes you smile every time you use it?

These awesome wall clocks are guaranteed to add a little zing to your home, whatever type of person you may be:

A basic math geek:

Pop Quiz Clock
Pop Quiz Clock

or an advanced math geek:

Mathematical Expressions Blackboard Wall Clock
Equation Geek Clock

A classic (and slightly eccentric) art lover:

Melting Dali Clock

Or a literalist (alternately, someone who can’t tell time):

LED Word Clock

A wino:

Happy Hour Clock

A procrastinator:

Procrastinator Wall Clock
Green Whatever Wall Clock

A crazy cat lady:

Infinity Instruments Fisher Wall Clock

A musician:

Recycled Technics Turntable Clock

Or just a person who loves anything different:

The Domino Clock
The Spiral Clock
Good Afternoon Clock with laser-beam hands, via ApartmentTherapy.com

… whoever you are, there’s a clock for you.

Which one would you pick?