Gossip Girls- Serious Design Inspiration

Gossip Girls

We may be in denial about watching a teenage show but everyone seems to agree that Gossip Girls is setting the standards in design these days. From the incredible clothes to the homes that so aptly reflect each characters individuality, I just love watching and gaining design inspiration.

Almost every home I decorate now wants something from Gossip Girl. Whether its Serena’s much discussed headboards or the exposed bricks in the “under-privileged” Humphrey home (yes, that seems to be a favorite).

Here are some images I’ve collected recently that I would like to share with you. Let me know which set you love the most.

Gossip Girl-Serena's Room

Here is Serena’s Room. The great headboard is actually plywood covered with foam and upholstered.

Gossip Girl- Van der Woodsen Apartment

A view of the sitting area in the Van der Woodsen penthouse- City Chic!

Gossip Girl-Chuck Bass Bachelor Pad

Chuck Bass’s pad. This must be every bachelors dream! Its kid of spooky- perfect for chuck!

Gossip Girl- Lilly's Office

Lilly’s office is a fabulous mix of classic- eclectic.

Gossip Girls- Flatbush House on Albemarle Road

The Flatbush House on Albemarle Road

Gossip Girl- Van der Woodsen Dining Room

The Van der Woodsen dining room. An unusual mix of styles but as usual GG pulls it off.

Gossip Girls- Humphreys Apartment

The Humphrey’s are supposed to be the “poor” ones but there house is actually extremely cool (although over cluttered) .

Gossip Girl- Waldorf Penthouse

“Rich” is the key word in the Waldorf’s opulent home.

Gossip Girl- Van der Woodsen Penthouse kitchen

The kitchen in the Van der Woodsen penthouse has a clean minimalist look- I think its intended to give you the feeling that no one in this family cooks much.

All done in true Gossip Girl style!

Gossip Girl


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  1. Wow! I love the images you posted! all so different yet incredibly beautiful! am looking for a “day bench,” just like you showed in the “Waldorf’s opulent home” picture. Do you carry a similar item on your site?

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