Comfy & Creative Window Seats

Classically, window seats are used as reading nooks. After all, they have built-in seating, natural light, and often room for shelving and books; they’re cozy and comfortable. But window seats are amazingly versatile and can be used in various rooms and for many different purposes.

These window seats offer comfortable seating as well as practical storage, clever cubbies, and innovative ideas that will inspire you to look differently at your “wasted space” beneath your windows.

Your window seat can be a banquette in your kitchen to accommodate extra cabinetry or provide additional seating in tight or tricky configurations:

A doggie dining room:
Via Better Homes & Gardens
A bathroom bench for you to sit on while you cut your toenails, moisturize, apply makeup, or towel off after a shower:
Via Better Homes & Gardens

A mudroom or entry organizer, providing space to stow shoes and boots and somewhere to sit while you take off or put on said shoes or boots:

Via Better Homes & Gardens
Via Better Homes & Gardens

A daybed or, better yet, to conceal extra sleeping space for guests (especially handy in kids’ rooms for sleepovers):

A hidden hideaway (with curtains to close up the space) or a hard-to-reach (to keep away distractions and interlopers) getaway spot:
A decorative (and practical) focal point in your room (highlight it in a bright color or equip it with custom furniture-style seating):
Or, of course, a book nook with shelving and/or storage:
Do you have a window seat? Lucky you! Tell us how you use it.