Color of the Month: Decorating with Light Blue

The phrase “spring colors” usually conjures up images of soft pinks and vibrant greens, which are primarily the colors one naturally associates with spring. Here’s another hue to add to that list: light blue.

Why blue? One would think that blue is a summery color, and that’s true of shades of aqua and ocean blue. But after long months of dreary gray winter skies, the blue is starting to peek out in spring. Plus, the quintessential harbinger of spring – the robin – lays gorgeous pale blue eggs in the spring.

How can you use sky and robin’s-egg blue to bring spring into your home? See these pictures for inspiration!

Light blue is a popular color in bedrooms and bathrooms; it lends a cool, serene, soothing, and spa-like aura to the room.

Bissonnet Composition 3 Colors Collection Freestanding Vanity
Bissonnet Composition 3 Colors Collection Freestanding Vanity
What could be a better place for sky blue than over your head?
Blue has long been touted as a weight-loss tool; it seems to act as a natural appetite suppressant. If you’re on a diet, you may want a blue kitchen and/or eating area; if you want your family and guests to eat your food, you’ll want to skip it!
The perfect compromise: blue accents. It’s a great color for breathing a bit of life into otherwise bland or monochromatic spaces. Balance it with lots of wood, white, and/or other neutrals for a calm and inviting atmosphere.
Blue is also ideal for lightening up a severely-colored exterior; on clear days, the blue sky will enhance the trim. And on cloudy days, a door like this one will remind you that there is a beautiful sky awaiting… someday:
What’s your favorite shade of blue?