Architectural Details: Real Homes Have Curves

Straight, clean lines: move over! Curves are in, and they’re showing up in every room of the house and every form. A curved feature softens the overall appearance of the home (as opposed to the severity of straight lines), resulting in an inviting, open, and dramatic effect.

Curvy design features can be the perfect solution to an awkward space; when done right, curves can even be a space-saving technique (though it’s counterintuitive). Bonus: if you have small children (or a tendency to bump into things), replacing your corners with curves will definitely cut down on the bruises and bumps. AND curves are a lot easier to clean than sharp corners!

Curves of all sizes and applications will beautify your home and set it apart from the typical linear layout.

Here’s three ways to incorporate curvature in your home:


A curved vanity, shower, sink, or tub creates more space in tight spaces and makes a boldly subtle statement; arched faucets in the kitchen and bath are simultaneously sleek, striking, and soft.

Design Element Jade Double Sink Vanity Set with Tempered Glass Countertop
Fairmont Designs Boulevard Curved Wall-Mounted Vanity
DreamLine Prime 36″ Shower Enclosure & Base Kit
Hydro Systems Metro Collection Alamo Freestanding Soaker Tub
Altmans Ribbon Lavatory Faucet Set
Bissonnet Colors Collection Wall-Mount Console
Kraus Nola Series Kitchen Faucet
Decolav Classically Redefined Rectangular Vitreous China Basin with Tapered Corners


Like fixtures, curved furniture has an allure that straight lines simply don’t offer. Rounded seating also has the benefit of being more comfortable and ergonomically correct than linear furnishings. Get creative with curvy tables, kitchen islands, beds, ottomans… the possibilities are endless.

Living Room by Mark English Architects, AIA
Living Room by Eminent Interior Design
Hallway by doon Architecture of the Hamptons PC
Living Room by Marco Antunio
Kitchen by Not Just Kitchen Ideas
Hallway by Siobhan Loates Design Ltd
Living Room by IMI Design, LLC
Photo by Lisa Petrole Photography
Kitchen by Auhaus Architecture

Actual curved flooring is risky, but rounded rugs and flooring patterns and transitions are deliciously different.

Bathroom by Carriage House Design, Inc.
Living Room by Iwan Sastrawiguna Interior Design
Powder Room by Masa Studio Architects 

Walls, doors, stairs, and ceilings become showpieces when you put a bit of curve on them.

Living Room by Touchstone Construction Services Pty Ltd
Hallway by Retallack Thompson
Photo by Revival Arts | Architectural Photography
Living Room by Clifton Interiors Ltd
Staircase by Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design
Photo by Matthew Mallett Photography
Bathroom by Increation
Hallway by Melbourne Contemporary Kitchens
Exterior by Sweet Sparkman Architects

Embrace those curves!