How To Use an Unused Closet

We all have one – a closet that is too small, too shallow, too weirdly situated, or just too unusable for whatever reason. (Or maybe you’re lucky and just have an extra closet!) More often than not, these closets become unceremonious dumping grounds for the stuff that you don’t use, or remain empty and mocking you every time you look at them. (And you thought that “lots of closet space” was a good thing when you moved in!)

Well, guess what? You can get yourself out of the closet conundrum and repurpose that obnoxious space into something you’ll actually use!

If you have limited space and an extra (or awkward) closet, the “cloffice” – an office in a closet space – is becoming increasingly popular in the downsizing school of thought.

You can remove the door completely for an open look and feel…

 …or add a door or hang a pretty curtain to conceal the space when it’s not in use. (Great idea if you’re not exactly a neat freak and don’t want to look at your clutter!)
Closet Office
Everything just gets tucked inside these compact spaces. If you need an office but can’t spare a room, just add shelves, a chair, a great desk lamp, and maybe some chalkboard paint or fun wallpaper and voilà! Instant cloffice.
Don’t need an office? How about a nursery?
Or a reading nook?
Or a mudroom?
Or a laundry room?
Or a makeup vanity/dressing room?
How do you use your “useless” spaces?