Top 10 Homework Rooms

Now that school is in full swing, it’s time to take a good look at your homework room. Do it now, while kids are still excited about the new school year and before they start complaining about their piles of homework; the freshness of a new start and a new, organized space will (hopefully) encourage enthusiasm, not dread, for homework.

These ten homework rooms have made our list due to their colors, system, setup, or overall perfection. Whether you have a separate homework room or just a nook, these rooms will inspire you to whip your space into shape.

Serene colors, cute (and not-so-subtle) word art for a dash of fun, comfortable chairs, and plenty of uncluttered counter space and storage. What more could you ask for in a study space?
Brighter colors, conversely, will stimulate kids to wake up and power through their homework. Defined mini-cubicles prevent sibling squabbles over counter space and privacy without obscuring Mom’s view.
This one is fresh and full of natural light, a serious space balanced with eclectic decor and non-school elements (note the piano).
This cozy nook provides ample space for gear despite its compact size. The chalkboard adds a lighthearted touch, and it’s right off of the kitchen for adult homework supervision.

Don’t have a dedicated space other than the kitchen table? Make use of those island cabinets and keep supplies close at hand.

If you’d rather keep the kitchen a food-only zone, dedicate that odd niche in the living room as desk space. Add neutral but interesting wallpaper, message centers, and in/out boxes to keep it neat. (Just turn the TV off during homework time!)
Or perhaps you’d prefer to┬ákeep the kids in their own rooms during study sessions. No matter the size of the room, you can carve out a place for schoolwork.

Tuck it under a loft bed:

Put it in the closet:
Invest in clever slide-out desks:
Or repurpose a pretty console table:
Tell us where your kids do their homework – we’re always on the lookout for fresh, new ideas.

Happy back-to-school!