Style Mashup: Traditional and Modern Meet

Decorating? No idea what style you like? It can be tough; most people can’t fit their preferences into one style category. The good news is: you don’t have to sort yourself into a style box! You can have that mostly-traditional room with the awesome modern light fixture that caught your eye. Today we’re examining rooms and homes that are simultaneously traditional and modern.

It’s not contradictory, it’s not mismatched, and it’s not “transitional” – we’re looking at spaces that successfully combine pieces of both traditional style and modern style. While transitional style incorporates elements of these two design styles – for example, a modern piece of furniture with a traditional pattern – the spaces we’re featuring today have a distinct mix of modern and traditional pieces, all of which can be defined as one style or the other.

Generally, design experts and decorators recommend sticking to one style when decorating a home or room to avoid a disjointed feel. And generally, they’re right; a super-modern foyer leading into a heavily traditional living room can be odd. But when you consistently represent both styles, it works.

These rooms will prove it!

Shake up a staid traditional entry with an unexpectedly modern chair or art:

Entry by Darryl Carter
Living Room by Tracery Interiors

Spice up a classic room with modern art, fixtures, and/or furnishings:

Living Room by Applegate Tran Interiors
Dining Room by Evens Architects
Living Room by Glenn Gissler Design
Dining Room by CIH Design
Dining Room by Shirley Meisels
Dining Room by StudioLAB, LLC

Or bring some old-world warmth and charm to a bordering-on-sterile urban room:

Bedroom by Andrew Flesher
Living Room by Andrew Flesher

Go more subtle with mixed textiles, prints, and patterns from each style type:

Bedroom by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs
Bedroom by Silvia Garcia Interiores

For the bold and daring: try an in-your-face mix of old and new:

Kitchen via
Living Room by via
Dining Room by nm design house
Staircase by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
Kitchen by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
Bathroom by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
What styles would you (or do you) love to combine?