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The number one rule you need to know is “A beautiful home is a tidy one”. I truly believe and live by this rule. You can have the most magnificent antique furniture, famous paintings and imported textiles in your home but, if its a dusty, messy place no one  will even notice. Its very hard to look past clutter and grime.

On the other hand your house can be simple, only holding the bare essentials, and it can feel beautiful, warm and inviting, a place people want to congregate.

Its easier said than done though. Getting a home organized is a huge job. There is never enough space to store all the things we collect in our lives, and thats why so many of our homes become a cluttered mess. I had a brilliant brainstorm this winter that has helped my organizational skills tremendously- I bought a shed! You think that sounds simple? Well I guess it is but in a small home that extra space, large enough for boxes, toys, that old microwave and the shoes I’m not ready to give up yet, is truly a miracle. it is so so much easier to keep my house tidy without all that clutter around. And best of all I don’t have to worry about it. I know my things are safe and dry just outside my door.

With this thought in mind we are privileged today to hear from Magnus, a shed professional, about how to choose the shed for you! Get organized this summer with the perfect shed!

Which Shed Plan Is Right for You – 5 Tips

When it comes to selecting the right shed for you and your budget and needs, there is no better way of doing that then being well prepared. The preparation that we are speaking about is what this posting is all about. Before you have a shed in place and doing whatever it is that you had previously thought that shed should do you will need a great shed plan. Hence, the 5 tips presented here, for you to determine which blueprint is the correct one, for you.

Final Shed Determination is in Your Hands and Head

Determining which shed plan is appropriate for you, takes nothing more than answering five simple questions. We have created this technique, in which most people can easily utilize to decide which plan is best suited for their particular needs, for the masses, in general. It will be up to you to determine which shed and shed plan is right for your needs. The five tips or questions are here only to lay a foundation for that decision. In the end, it will be all up to you and what you plan on doing with that great addition to your home residence.

Types of Sheds

Before we get right down to it and present to you the 5 tips that will assist you in determining which shed plan is right for you, we need to speak, just a little, about what are a few of the general types of sheds. These shed plans are easily obtainable through the sponsor of this posting. Please see below the 3 most popular plans for sheds.

Corner Shed1) Corner Sheds – Designed for the corners, there sheds are perfect for hanging tools!

Barn Shed2) Barn Sheds – As the name implies, these sheds are look-alike of the famous American barns of the Midwest! (Chickens and 57’ Studebakers Optional).

Plotting Shed3) Plotting Sheds – Great for giving tender shoots and roots a chance to take root and grow!

Now that you have a good idea of what are only a few of the types of sheds made available today, we can mosey on into the 5 tips (questions) that will help you decide on what shed plan is best for you.

1) What are you going to use the shed for?

2) How much area (land) do you have to work with?

3) What kind of budget do you have?

4) Corner, plotting, or barn? Which type of shed is perfect for you and your needs?

5) What do you feel, deep inside, will be the best choice, in the long run?

Happy shed plan hunting!

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