Saniflo Sanibest Product Review Winner


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Installed Saniplus Sanibest

The Review:

´╗┐Bottom Line: We’ve had no problems with the saniflo

Review: We purchased the saniflo system from you a couple of years ago and are very pleased with the system. We were renovating a historic carriage house on the back of our lot (turning it into a guest room) and because it’s not on a foundation, we didn’t have the percent of grade running from the house to the city sewer system that we needed to put in a conventional toilet. Additionally, we found out that the saniflo (which can be run through flexible tubing) is perfect for places where conventional piping won’t work. Conventional pipes were too large in diameter to run across a hatch access where the water heater is located, but the saniflow tubing worked just fine. conventional pipes would have run across the top to the hatch, meaning there wouldn’t be enough space at the top of the hatch to carry out or install a new water heater if ever needed. We’ve had no problems with the saniflow system and apparently there’s no maintenance to keep up with other than to put in a de-scaler of some sort once a year to help keep calcium and other heavy mineral deposits out of the system. We use the same de-scaler for the saniflow that we use for our hot tub.

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