Make Room for an Extra Large Vanity

Have a roomy bathroom? Lucky you! Take advantage of the space and invest in an extra large vanity. You will never bemoan a lack of storage space!

There is one problem, though (everything has a trade-off, doesn’t it?): you’ll have to find a vanity that doesn’t look so mammoth while serving your needs. Here’s how:

Break it up

Get a vanity with varying heights or room for a bench or seat. Mixing cabinet doors and drawers, especially with the addition of some frosted glass, is an effective way to minimize the massiveness.

Design Element Galatian Double Sink Vanity Set

Hang two (or more) separate mirrors rather than one large mirror that would accentuate the size.

Decolav Cameron Vanity Set 2

Float it

The empty space underneath a wall-mounted vanity makes the room appear bigger and, consequently, the vanity appear smaller.

Ronbow Bella Double Wall Mount Vanity

Go traditional

A furniture-inspired sink chest looks more like a dresser – which is typically large – and less like a vanity.

Avanity Windsor Vanity Combo
Design Element Odyssey Double Sink Vanity Set with Trough Sinks

Do away with drawers

Go with a few shelves or sliding or hinged panels rather than (or concealing) multiple drawers and cabinets. An abundance of pulls and knobs draws attention to the size of the vanity.

Cole & Co. Designer Series Isla Double Sink Chest
Italbrass Sauvage Collection Vanity

Make a statement

A dramatic vanity will garner more “oh wow”s than “why such a big vanity?”s.

Italbrass TanteAnte Vanity

How big is your largest vanity?