Luxury In Your Own Home: The Steam Shower

Have you ever enjoyed a steam shower? If not, you truly have no idea what you’re missing. If so, you probably wish you could enjoy one every day within your own home. You can! Below are some examples of steam showers available to be installed within your residence.

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This is the most basic model you can have installed in your home. Simple and beautiful, it easily fits into the space where your current shower stall is. It includes seats so you can enjoy the steam, a removable wand shower head and inset shelves for soap and toiletries.

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While this bathroom is in a hotel, you can have such a shower built into your own home. All it requires is the tile to be laid, the shower fixtures to be set up, and then air-tight doors fitted in the opening. These doors have the added feature of a towel rack handle, allowing you to quickly get the towel you need to dry off once done.

Flickr by constarshower

This last model is a real technological wonder! Not only does it provide you with a water-tight seal, giving you an amazing steam shower, but the bottom is actually a Jacuzzi bathtub! Massage jets, rainfall shower head, light therapy, digital timers, radio, CD player, telephone, remote control… this system has it all!

Are you ready to have a steam shower installed in your home? Do you want to have it custom built or have a pre-made model installed like the one above?

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  1. Nice bathroom. I like to use steam showers. It’s really so enjoyable to me.

  2. Steam showers are so relaxing and they really look quite smart. The bottom picture showing one with a jacuzzi, massage jets and various others built into it is amazing.

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