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Towel Warmers
Towel Warmers

The minute you step out of the shower it can feel like you were just hit with an arctic wind. Your hair stands on end, and a shiver travels up and down your spine. You throw the towel around you as quick as possible, but even then you are still in a race to get dry and slide into your warm clothes. Now imagine if you were able to be toasty warm, right out of the shower? With towel warmers from, that dream is a reality!

Thousands of people have abandoned their regular towel racks for the luxury and comfort of a towel warmer. Towel warmers are small electric racks, that fit inconspicuously into your bathroom and gently warm your towel or towels while you bathe. Towel warmers are used in homes across the country, as well as country clubs and workout facilities.

Towel Warmers at Quality Bath

At we carry a full line of towel warmers in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. They come in black, chrome, and a variety of other finishes. We offer towel warmers from the brands you trust, like Artos, Black Country, Jeeves, Myson, Rohl, Runtal, Thermique, Warmatowel and Wesaunard. We carry free-standing units and wall-mounted units, that can warm several towels at a time. We even carry a glass model that is ultra-modern in look and function.

Check out our wide selection of towel warmers, or call our friendly customer service team to learn more. We are sure you’ll be able to find a towel warmer in the right style, color and size that will fit your bathroom d├ęcor. See what you’ve been missing and envelope yourself in the warmth and luxury that comes with a towel warmer from