Space-Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Everyone knows the basic rules of laying out a challengingly small bathroom: natural light, floating vanities, wall-hung toilets, frameless mirrors. But can you go beyond these basics when they don’t work for you (no windows, inadequate support for or dislike of wall-hung fixtures, desire for a tub, etc.)?

Here’s how:

Use your corners. Oddly-shaped bathrooms can be a nightmare to lay out, but when you utilize corners you’ll find more space than you expected. Virtually anything – from showers to tubs to vanities and even towel warmers – can fit into a corner.

dreamline shen 2136360 shower enclosure 36 18 w x 36 18 d x 72 h 244316 Space Saving Bathroom Fixtures

DreamLine Prism Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure

eago am200 corner whirlpool tub 59 18 l x 59 18 w x 24 38 d 239085 Space Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Eago Rounded Modern Double Seat Corner Whirlpool Bath Tub

wesaunard cornerpiece 9 cornerpiece 9 towel warmer 33 12 h 139389 Space Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Wesaunard Cornerpiece 9 Towel Warmer

xylem vc carlton 20bn corner vanity 21 12 d x 34 h 163137 Space Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Xylem Carlton Corner Vanity

Consolidate. Look for multi-purpose pieces or all-inclusive solutions like this one:

neo metro 8981 3 system m2 straight front all inclusive commercial bath solution 72 w 154136 Space Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Neo-Metro System M2 Straight Front All Inclusive Commercial Bath Solution

It is a commercial piece, but with the right decor it can look right at home in your home. Perfect for shared bathrooms, this customizable unit includes sinks (with different shape options) and counter, with the possibility to add faucets, backsplash, garbage cans, soap dispensers, instant water heater, and/or integrated shelves.

Another option:¬†shrink large¬†pieces. But you don’t have to sacrifice! You can have a luxurious soaker tub that takes up a fraction of the floor space that a typical tub uses by picking a Japanese-style tub.

premier copper japanese style soaking hand hammered copper bath tub 39 h 172650 Space Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Premier Copper Japanese Style Soaking Hand Hammered Copper Bath Tub

Their depth allows for full-body soaking, condensed for small bathrooms. You can even have a whirlpool or air tub in this size:

mti designer collection jasmine 3 freestanding air tub formerly yume mtds 134 52 l x 52 w x 30 d x 35 12 h 230514 Space Saving Bathroom Fixtures

TI Designer Collection Jasmine 3 Freestanding Air Tub

Don’t like the style (or have a little more room)? This tub was specifically designed to maximize space with a large bathing well in a compact space:

blu bathworks metrix freestanding blustone one piece soaker tub 59 12 l x 30 w x 21 12 h 231717 Space Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Blu Bathworks Metrix Freestanding Blustone One Piece Soaker Tub

And of course, you can always opt for a small vanity to save more space.

How small is your smallest bathroom? How do you maximize your space?

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