How to Install a Toilet

When you want to install a toilet, the first step is the most fun — you get to choose a new toilet. There are a variety of different styles and colors to choose from, made by trusted companies such as Barclay, Porcher, Deca and more. So, browse the various options and select a toilet that will fit your bathroom design or match your bathroom vanity, then move on to the installation.

How to Install a Toilet – 6 Steps

  1. Look behind your old toilet and locate the water shut-off valve. Turn it off. Then, flush the toilet to get rid of all water. Next, remove the old toilet by unscrewing the water connection, floor bolts, and finally the wax ring holding it to the floor. Dispose of the old toilet properly.
  2. Unwrap the new toilet. Locate the new wax ring or plastic collar and affix it to the floor drain. Next, caulk the toilet base and the drain separately. When they are pressed together it will help prevent leakage.
  3. Set the new toilet onto the drain. Press the toilet down firmly to ensure the caulk on toilet base and the drain is mixed. Then, align the floor bolts.
  4. Make sure the toilet is straight by using a level. Then, tighten the floor bolts to secure the toilet to the floor. Put on the decorative caps for the bolts.
  5. Be sure the inner tank assembly of the toilet is in proper working order. If not, please refer to your toilet’s specific manual.
  6. Now, hook up the water to the toilet. Turn on the water valve and let the main tank fill with water. Flush, and you’re in business!