Form, Meet Function: Pot Fillers

Whether your signature dish is a complex cream of mushroom soup or mac ‘n cheese from a box, there’s one chore you would rather do without when cooking: lugging a full pot of water to the stove. First there’s the logistics of actually filling the pot, then lifting it out of the sink or off of the counter, then the actual schlepping to the stove with water sloshing about.

There’s one handy kitchen fixture that can change the way you cook: the pot filler.

Pot fillers are simply kitchen faucets that are mounted in close proximity to the stove. Place your empty pot atop the burner, then fill it with water. The only lugging you’ll have to do is with dishes that need to be drained (like pasta), but at least you’ll cut down on the trips back and forth!

The stereotypical pot filler is wall-mounted and traditionally styled, with a jointed swiveling arm that extends to reach your pots and folds back against the wall when not in use.

Waterstone 3100
Waterstone Annapolis Suite Wall Mount Pot Filler
Rohl Country Kitchen Swing Arm Pot Filler
Rohl Country Kitchen Swing Arm Pot Filler
Herbeau Royale Pot Filler
Herbeau Royale Pot Filler

Many fillers, however, break that stereotype. You may choose from simpler silhouettes, steampunk-inspired designs, clean, modern lines, and numerous unusual shapes and configurations.

Newport Brass 948
Newport Brass Chesterfield Wall-Mounted Pot Filler
Jaclo 1003
Jaclo Steam Valve Original Wall Mounted Pot Filler
Huntington Brass PL1675
Huntington Brass Modern Style Wall Mount Pot Filler
Danze D205040
Danze Fairmont Wall Mount Pot Filler
KWC 10.500.357
KWC Systema Pot Filler

But what if your stove is on an island or under a window, or you can’t run a water line through the wall? Don’t resign yourself to a lifetime of cross-kitchen pot-toting. Simply opt for a deck (counter) mounted pot filler and reap the benefits. Some models even feature a 360° swivel range!

Danze Parma Deck Mount Pot Filler
Danze Parma Deck Mount Pot Filler
Hansgrohe 16860
Hansgrohe Deck-Mounted Pot Filler
Elkay LK7767
Elkay Ella 360 Degree Rotation Deck Mount Pot Filler

What’s your least favorite part of cooking?


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