Create a Perfect Hardworking Mudroom

Ah, summertime. The season of sun, sand and GET THOSE FILTHY FLIP-FLOPS OFF OF MY FLOOR!

For many (especially those with children and pets), summer is dirty-house season. Wet bathing suits, sports equipment, muddy footprints (and pawprints), and trails of sand are all hallmarks of this time of year. If you’re fortunate enough to have a mudroom in your home (or even a small entryway), now’s the time to whip it into shape!

Your mudroom should accommodate every family member. For easy access, give each person their own space; a cubby, a drawer, a cabinet, a shelf or bin(s).

The best mudrooms feature:

  • a designated spot for shoes – drawers, cubbies, boot tray or a shoe rack
  • hanging space (preferably with enough hooks for each family member to have two)
  • seating, so there’s no excuses when it comes to taking off and putting on shoes
  • proper lighting, so you can see whose wadded-up jersey is on the floor
  • bins, shelves or compartments – have a place for everything, and keep everything in its place
  • personal space for every family member and extra for guests
  • easy-clean floor and surfaces – this is a biggie! (Bonus: keep cleaning supplies in or near the mudroom for easy cleanups)
  • a designated place (shelves or a table) for keys
  • easy-to-reach storage – keep it convenient. Make sure the kids’ spots are at the appropriate height

Incorporate everything that you can – if you don’t have enough room, pick the elements that are most important to your personal life. It will make getting in and out of the house immeasurably easier.

Nice add-ons for convenience:

  • a mirror, for last-minute checks
  • a clock
  • a garbage can
  • a message board

Most importantly, make it welcoming and fun! You and your family will be spending more time in there than you expect.

Entry by Charlotte Crosland Interiors
Photo by Nels Akerlund Photography, via
Entry by Fluidesign Studio
Entry by KannCept Design, Inc.
Entry by Parkwood Homes
Entry by Identity Design LLC.
Entry by Davenport Building Solutions
Entry by Kaplan Thompson Architects
Entry by Karen Joy Interiors

If you have free reign when it comes to designing your mudroom (lucky you!), add one (or all) of these options:

  • laundry room or sink – just throw those damp towels right into the washer
  • pet supplies and/or cleaning station (no more muddy tracks!)
  • closed cabinetry (for those who don’t like to see “stuff”)
  • desk or office space – for last-minute permission slips, mail sorting, and paperwork management
Entry by Actual Size Projects
Photo by Cynthia Lynn Photography, via
Entry by Parkyn Design
Entry by Venegas and Company
Laundry Room by MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.
Laundry Room by Knight Architects LLC
What’s in your dream mudroom?

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