Attractive Outdoor Trash Can Storage

One of the lesser-recognized hallmarks of autumn – perhaps because of the annoyance factor – is the plague of critters that are foraging and storing for the winter. Unfortunately, the squirrels, raccoons, possums, and other small animals see your outdoor garbage cans as the perfect place to forage. They’ll knock off lids, rip through bags, even chew through plastic cans for a chance to help themselves to your trash.

There are sprays and home remedies to keep them at bay, but they’re not always effective. Metal cans are better at repelling the creatures, but not an acceptable option when it comes to trash pickup in many areas. One solution: covered or enclosed outdoor trash can storage.

Keeping trash cans in a special enclosure not only keeps away the animals, it helps conceal the cans, which are, quite frankly, downright ugly. Solve two problems with attractive (aesthetically, not to the animals!) storage for your cans.

The best enclosures are lidded, with access doors for removal of cans on garbage days and a hinged lid for easy trash disposal.

See these for inspiration:

Trash can enclosure, via
Hinged trash can storage, via
Landscape by Rainbow Valley Design & Construction – Portland
Outdoor trash can enclosure, via
Landscape by debora carl landscape design
Leisure Season Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed
Oscar Trash Can Storage Shed
Garbage can enclosure, via

Stop stressing over the trash conundrum and start enjoying these fleeting fall days! You may even find yourself thinking that those squirrels are cute instead of a nuisance.


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