Six Smart Ways to Hide a Toilet

Though a bathroom’s not a bathroom without it, most of us don’t want the toilet to be the focal point of the room. In the not-so-distant past, one solution was to fit the tank and lid with horrible shaggy covers to match the around-the-toilet rug (yuck!). Luckily, most designers today are adept at effectively hiding the toilet from view so your bathroom doesn’t center around it. Even small bathrooms can camouflage the main event when planned properly.

Use one (or all!) of these six tips to make your toilet practically disappear.

Define a space for the toilet. Put up a partition between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom; try a low or angled wall, full wall, or screen:

Bathroom by LOTOS Construction
Bathroom by Bubbles Bathrooms
Bathroom by Jasmine McClelland Design
Powder Room by Horizon Habitats

If you have space to spare, close off the toilet in a separate WC or niche:

Bathroom by Laura Burton Interiors
Bathroom by Graham Baba Architects
Bathroom by Normandy Remodeling
Bathroom by Lauren Levant Interior

Situate the toilet behind a door so it’s not the first thing you see or lay out your bathroom in a T shape to keep the toilet out of the line of sight of one standing at the vanity:

Powder Room by bg architecture
Bathroom by Jeff Pittman Homes
Bathroom by White Pine Lumber
Bathroom by Enviable Designs Inc.

integrate the toilet into your decor scheme to camouflage it. Match it to the room’s colors so it blends in. Conversely, you can use an unusually-shaped toilet as a design element (it may look like seating) or a typical toilet as part of the overall decor (with the toilet complementing or completing a design element):

Bathroom by Kohler Kitchen & Bath Fixtures
Bathroom by European Cabinets
Bathroom by HRD mimarlık

Create a focal point – a feature wall, interesting floor, statement-making vanity or bathtub – to direct attention away from the toilet. Also effective: tuck the toilet between vanity and tub to make it even less obtrusive:

Bathroom by Helen Green Design
Bathroom by Ogawa Fisher Architects
Bathroom by Haller Architecture & Design
Bathroom by Alexander James Interiors
Powder Room by Pepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

Build in the toilet for maximum concealment. This one is made by Duravit:

Bathroom by splyce design
Bathroom by schulz.rooms
 Where will you put your toilet?

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