How to Choose a Towel Warmer

It’s that time of year again… November. When the weather is steadily getting colder and the holidays are fast approaching. When you need to go out to buy presents for everyone but you just want to stay inside and drink hot chocolate.

We here at Quality Bath are here to solve both of those problems simultaneously – to kill two proverbial birds with one stone. The solution? Towel warmers!

No, not (only) to keep yourself warm on these dark and chilly days, but as the perfect holiday gift – and you don’t even need to venture out of your house.

Buying a towel warmer isn’t as complex as it may seem. Consult this handy guide and simplify the buying process for a painless gift selection – for yourself or anyone in your life.

Installation: hydronic vs. electric

The two main types of towel warmers are determined by installation type.

A hydronic towel warmer runs on hot water to provide heat, much like a radiator. It’s attached to existing plumbing for energy efficient use.

Pros of hydronic towel warmers

  • Extremely energy efficient
  • No visible wires
  • Uses existing plumbing

Cons of hydronic towel warmers

  • More complicated installation; plumber’s assistance required
  • Plumbing may need to be rerouted (or installation confined to areas with existing plumbing)

Electric towel warmers use electricity – approximately the same amount as two standard light bulbs – to heat the towels. They may be plugged in or hardwired.

Myson WPRL08
Myson Pearl Electric Towel Warmer

Pros of electric towel warmers

  • Easy installation – simply plug and use
  • Portable (unless wall-mounted)
  • Low energy consumption

Cons of electric towel warmers

  • Visible wiring (on plug-in models)
  • Electrician required for hardwired models

Wall-mounted vs. freestanding

The way you mount your towel warmer is purely a matter of preference. Choose from wall-mounted or freestanding depending on your bathroom’s layout and your personal needs. If you want to be able to move your warmer across the bathroom or from room to room, opt for a freestanding model; if you’d rather have it stay put or have limited floor space, pick a wall-mount.

Artos MR06545P
Artos Ryton Plug-In Towel Warmer

If your space is really limited and you truly want that wall-mount, try a corner mount.

Wesaunard Cornerpiece 2
Wesaunard Cornerpiece Towel Warmer


Freestanding warmers do not require any installation, while wall-mounted warmers need to be hung (generally a simple DIY process).

Amba SAFSP-33
Amba Solo Freestanding Plug In Towel Warmer

You don’t need to be limited, however; many models may be wall- or floor-mounted, so look for one you love and decide on the mount later.

The Sterllingham Collection 8-215
The Sterllingham Collection Blakedown 4-Rail Wall/Floor Mount Towel Warmer


Towel warmers are available in a huge range of styles to suit everyone’s taste – modern, traditional, whimsical – and in sizes to fit every bathroom.

Artos M06845P
Artos Denby Plug-In Towel Warmer
Runtal Radiators TW9-16
Runtal Radiators Omnipanel Hydronic Model Towel Warmer
Warma Towel W500
Warma Towel Fifth Avenue Series 500+ Towel Warmer
Wesaunard Guitar
Wesaunard Guitar Electric Towel Warmer

Consider the number of towels that you will hang on the warmer. If you’ll use it for just one towel, pick a smaller model; if it will be used in a family bathroom, opt for a larger multi-rack warmer that can hold more towels.

Wesaunard CIRQO 6
Wesaunard Cirqo 6 Towel Warmer

Extra features

Every towel warmer is equipped with safety features like thermostats and automatic shut-off to prevent the unit from getting too hot, protecting users from burns. Many also feature extras such as timers (for the punctual among us – set it to warm your towels at your usual shower time or to turn on automatically when you come back from your vacation), built-in switches (though manufacturers often recommend leaving the unit running constantly), or heated shelves for a hotel-like experience.

Amba MS
Amba Jeeves Shelf Towel Warmer

Add on to an existing towel warmer for extra luxury. Some models may be upgraded with a robe hook or additional hanging rack that is not heated but keeps robes and smaller towels close to the heat source and lightly warmed.

Warma Towel SBRACK
Warma Towel Single Bar Rack


Most towel warmers are very affordable, making them an excellent low-cost (yet luxurious) gift for everyone on your list. Warmer prices start under $130 but can cost thousands for specialized and designer models. There’s one for every budget!

Now there’s a task you can cross off your list – order your gifts from Quality Bath without getting up off of your couch.


4 thoughts on “How to Choose a Towel Warmer”

  1. Towel warmer for me was always about functionality, but these designs are much better and can be not only practical but match with the interior solutions and even become the accent.

  2. First of all, you need to know what exactly a towel warmer is before you can decide whether you need one or not. Basically, it’s an appliances usually used in bathroom but which can also be added to other spaces rich in moisture. It serves you by drying off your damp towels and keeping the environment clean and mildew-free. Towel warmers are of two basic types. They can be electric or hydronic and they are both highly efficient at warming the rail from inside out. The electric towel warmers operate independently from the heating system. They contain electric-powered low watt elements. Some use a dry element which heats wire installed in the tubes of the rails while others use a wet element in order to heat the oil or water inside the towel rail.

  3. If you hook up a hydronic towel bar with the hot for the shower going through it before it gets to the shower valve it will only heat the towels when you take a shower.

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