8 Awesome Ways to Hide a Step Stool

Everyone has a step stool. If you’re vertically challenged (to be politically correct), you’ll definitely need one; if you’re tall, you’ll still need one, because there are high-up spots in every home. While the step stool can fold to a slim unit, making it easy to store, it’s still ugly – and cumbersome to stow. But don’t worry; there are lots of clever nooks in your home in which to squirrel it away. Try one of these eight ideas while figuring out how to hide a step stool:

Toe kick

Your toe kick – the space beneath the cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom – is the perfect hideaway spot for a step stool. There are two ways to hide a step stool in your toe kick: remove the false front and stash a folding step stool in the empty space underneath the cabinets, or create an integrated pullout toe kick for a built-in step stool.

Kitchen by emma delon
Bathroom by Goodall Custom Cabinetry

Cabinet ends

Didn’t think the ends of your kitchen island, perimeter cabinets, or pantry could be useful? Finish it off with a shallow space to allow for storage of slim items – like a step stool or message center.

Kitchen by Marcarelli Design Inc.
Kitchen by Erin Hurst, CKD


If you have a narrow cabinet that just doesn’t seem to fit anything properly, it’s a great place for a folding step stool.

Laundry Room by Joan Gilbert Designs

Dead space

Like narrow cabinetry, but slimmer: forget fillers and create a pullout.

Kitchen by Keith Simmons, Custom Woodwork Specialist

On a door

Use that over-the-door space efficiently. It’s the ideal space for hanging things on hooks, within reach but out of sight.

Via MarthaStewart.com

In a closet

Limited door space? If you can spare a bit of hanging space, put the step stool in there.

Closet by Estate Cabinetry

On the wall

Garage, laundry room, utility room; mount some hooks to the wall and hang your step stool on them. Easy!

Garage by Closets by Design

Flaunt it

Sometimes hiding is impossible or impractical. So don’t do it! Find a pretty, fun, or otherwise decorative step stool to add some zing with your practicality.

Barclay Round Copper Steps
Barclay Hammered Copper Steps
Sierra Copper Lexington Copper Rectangle Double-Thick Soaker Tub with Step Stool
Sonia Lesson 1 Magnetic Vanity with Step Stool

How do you hide your step stool?


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