Futuristic Bathroom Sinks

What could be more modern than a super-modern bathroom? If you want to completely surpass the realm of modern, consider what will be modern after today – futuristic bathrooms!

(This way, you’re a step ahead – when today’s “modern” is no longer modern, you’ll be ready!)

(Well, not really – but wouldn’t that be great?)

I’ve been browsing ultra-modern sinks and the ones that I’m featuring have officially crossed the line from modern to futuristic. Check them out!

 Futuristic Bathroom Sinks

Eaux Basin by Joel Roberts

This wave-inspired one-piece design is just incredible. Anyone know where to get it?

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Eumar Abisko Washbasin

The water runs straight into a floor drain on this one. I can just imagine sitting and watching it work – mesmerizing!

latoscana i cet hybrid above counter self rimming sink with faucet 177056 Futuristic Bathroom Sinks

Latoscana Hybrid Above Counter/Self-Rimming Sink

The silvery piece on top is the faucet, and the water drains around the perimeter. How cool is that?

Illuminated sinks featured heavily in futuristic bathrooms:

Wall Mount Bathroom Sink from Neo Metro Futuristic Bathroom Sinks

Neo-Metro Ebb Wall-Mounted Basin

neo metro 9112 wm ebb concept wall mounted deck 55 l x 22 w 154115 Futuristic Bathroom Sinks

Neo-Metro Ebb Wall-Mounted Deck

The Neo-Metro Ebb collection includes several styles of wall-mounts and consoles, many with optional under-counter lighting. There’s also a matching mirror in different sizes.

toto llt993 ii vessel lavatory with led lighting 169697 Futuristic Bathroom Sinks

Toto Neorest II Vessel with LED Lighting System

Luminist Washbasin by TOTO1 Futuristic Bathroom Sinks

Toto Luminist Lighted Round Vessel

So what do you think? Are we looking at the bathrooms of the future?

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