A Touch of Luxury: Onyx in the Home

As much as it seems counterintuitive, the popularity of semi-precious materials and gemstones is rising in the countertop market. While most experts do not recommend semi-precious stone for kitchen counters that are subject to regular use, onyx is one type of rare stone that is being used more and more frequently throughout the home – on bar tops, kitchen panels, accent walls, and bathrooms.

Onyx is a soft “royal” stone that is naturally formed by limestone that dissolves and redeposits, resulting in unusual and beautiful colors and a translucent quality. Its translucence is what’s making it a hot material in homes of every style; when lights are strategically placed beneath it, the stone takes on a striking luminescence that is impossible to reproduce with other materials.

While onyx is one of the most expensive stones on the market and is susceptible to damage, it’s gaining popularity due to its sheer beauty and breathtaking uniqueness.

Decorators everywhere are finding uses for onyx in the kitchen, mainly as an accent as it is not designed to hold up to heavy use:

Kitchen by Kenneth Fromme
Photo by Brad Hill Imaging
Kitchen by Divine Renovation Pty Ltd.

Because it’s not recommended for kitchens, it’s often found on less-used bars:

Kitchen by Forum Phi – Architecture | Interiors | Planning
Kitchen by Designers Impala Kitchens and Bathrooms
Wine Cellar by Bagnato Architects
Home Bar by Umber Architecture, LLC
Home Bar by VAg Inc. Architects and Planners

Onyx has made its way into bathrooms, too.

An onyx sink is gorgeous and not as costly as a larger-scale project:

Terra Acqua Above-Counter Vessel in White Onyx
Bathroom by Debbie R. Gualco
Madeli Green Onyx Round Stone Basin
Bathroom featuring Terra Acqua sinks

But those large-scale projects are simply incredible. Onyx on the counter, vanity, wall or shower makes for a show-stopping bathroom:

Bathroom by Marble of the World
Bathroom, via Charleston Home + Design Mag
Powder Room by RKI Interior Design
Powder Room by Phoenix Woodworks
Powder Room by Megan Williams Interior Design
Bathroom by Elizabeth Strianese Interiors
Photo credit: Elad Gonen
Bathroom by Cyrus Ghanai
Bathroom by Ogle
Bathroom by Hartung Construction, Inc.

If onyx is not in your budget but you’ve fallen in love with it, see if you can squeeze in a reasonably-priced onyx light fixture. The material lends itself to it, and it won’t cost you as much!

Amando Natural Stone
Arteriors Paddock Lamp
Dining Room by New Mood Design LLC
Arteriors Partridge Pendant
Dining Room by Creative West Architects

But if you can afford it (lucky!), it doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen or bath. An onyx accent wall, fireplace surround, or objet d’art will make your home unforgettable:

Living Room by Marble of the World
Dining Room by IMI Design
Entry by Dick Clark + Associates
Dining Room by Amy Noel Design

For less expense with a similar effect, there’s onyx-inspired decor in other materials (like glass or faux onyx tile or panels):

Aquabrass Square Onyx Tempered Glass Basin
Bathroom by Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard
Fiandre Italian Tile
Living Room by Translucent Creations Ltd

Gorgeousness overload!

Where’s the onyx in your dream home?


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