Mixed Metal Finishes Done Right

The old-school generation would be horrified. It’s akin to wearing a gold necklace with silver earrings (gasp!). But mixing metal finishes in kitchens is becoming increasingly popular. People are no longer worrying about making sure everything – from faucets to hinges to knobs to pulls to appliances to sinks – coordinates perfectly; in fact, many don’t like the “matchy-matchy” look that you achieve with monochromatic metals.

Mixing finishes, however, can be tricky. When not done well, a mixed-metal kitchen can just look like it was designed by a colorblind person. But when it’s executed with finesse, a kitchen with multiple finishes can be showstopping.

Here are eight examples of extraordinarily well-done mixed-metal kitchens (along with tips on how to successfully mix finishes):

Implementing several different finishes will enhance rather than overpower a simple white kitchen.
Black-and-white kitchens can be stark and cold with stainless steel appliances; adding a bit of bronze or brass will brighten and liven up an otherwise severe color palette.
In a similar vein, when the sink, pulls, knobs, and counters all coordinate, a brighter faucet in a similar color family will stand out without clashing.
Think you have too many different elements going on in your kitchen to introduce mixed finishes? Think again:
Here, warmer light fixtures and pulls complement the wood in the kitchen, while nickel and chrome faucets pick up on the cooler white and blue tones.
A less colorful example:
Oil-rubbed bronze on the white cabinets, nickel on the black cabinets, black-and-white light fixtures, and steel and chrome on the faucets and appliances harmonize beautifully with the gray-toned counter. Perfection!
And finally, this last picture illustrates finish mixing on large-ticket and prominently displayed fixtures:
The copper hood, sink and bar counter are unexpectedly and dramatically balanced by stainless appliances.
Would you mix metals in your kitchen? Have you already tried it? We’d love to see pictures and hear your experiences!

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