Let Your Home Wear White After Labor Day

You can wear white after Labor Day – it’s not a fashion faux pas!

(Fun fact: Labor Day used to signal the unofficial end of summer, so when the upper class returned from their summer homes, they’d pack away their summer clothes. Wearing white and light fabrics after Labor Day showed your lower-class status.)

Though it’s not strictly verboten to wear white after Labor Day anymore, it’s still largely a summer color (yes, even winter white). But the good news is: you can dress your home in white all year long, and it never looks out of season!

In honor of Labor Day, we’ve found some of the dreamiest all-white rooms to infuse your home with the airiness and light of white, no matter the weather. These ethereal beauties balance texture and scale for style perfection without a single bit of color. Check them out!

Bedroom by Mark English Architects, AIA
Bedroom by Roberta Marcelino Interiors
Bathroom by fouzia
Living Room by John McDonald Company
Living Room by Paige Patterson at Sheffield Furniture & Interiors
Kitchen by stephane chamard
Bathroom by BiglarKinyan Design Planning Inc.
Dining Room by Cardenas+Kriz design studio
Home Office by STUA
Bathroom by fouzia
Bathroom by Sutro Architects
Warning: not for homes with small children (or mess-making pets), unless you employ a full-time cleaning staff and can afford to replace furniture regularly).

There’s nothing quite like white, is there? Enjoy your Labor Day, and never be afraid to wear what you want!