How to Decorate Around a Piano

It’s one of the largest and (arguably) most elegant musical instrument, characteristics that make the piano a classic in sophisticated, stately homes. Whether you’re a true virtuoso, a beginner musician, or just a lover of culture, there’s a chance you’d love to have a piano in your home.

Trouble is, unless you have space for a dedicated music room or area, the piano’s sheer size and lack of portability makes it hard to fit one in – sizewise and decor-wise. Never fear; if yours is a simple upright or elegant baby grand, spinet or console, antique or brand new, we’ll help you work it into your home – of any size.

Thanks to modern insulation, pianos don’t need to be kept away from exterior walls as advised in the past. Just be sure to situate it away from drafty windows or doors, vents, active fireplaces, or prolonged direct sun in order to protect the instrument. Wherever you decide to put it, be sure that your piano is lit properly to allow for sheet music reading. Aim for natural light and install adequate, focused light fixtures.

Living Room by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs
Photo credit: Irvin Serrano

Living Room by Visbeen Architects
Pianos are not meant to be ignored or to blend in; they’re designed to make a statement, albeit a classy one. Don’t try to make it disappear or, worse, become another photo-cluttered surface (it’s distracting, messy, dust-attracting, and the sound quality suffers). You may place relevant accessories atop it, but sparingly – and only if it adds to, rather than detracts from, the effect that the piano creates.

Keep the surrounding decor simple. Choose art and decor carefully and place design elements strategically to draw attention to the piano, making it a focal point.


Living Room by Robeson Design


Living Room by Studio 7 Interior Design- Kristen Rockwood


Living Room by Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.
If possible, coordinate the finish, shape, and style of the decor and the piano to make a flawlessly dramatic design statement.
Living Room by KoningEizenberg


Family Room by Incorporated
Photo credit: Lindsay von Hagel
Small space? No problem. A piano’s uniquely striking curves help it fit into unexpected areas like empty corners. If you want it badly enough, you can make room for it somewhere!
Try that odd corner:
Living Room by Adelene Keeler Smith Interior Design

The partial wall next to the stairs:


Living Room by Sullivan Design Studio

In place of a fourth chair in a traditional furniture arrangement:


Photo credit: Two Story Cottage

Or simply pushed up against an unused stretch of wall:

Living Room by Olga Adler
Family Room by Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc
If your home boasts a “useless” nook or niche somewhere, even better! Or put on your thinking cap and find places that are not typical piano locations: corners, entries, staircase curves, even landings. You can tuck it into one of those dead or odd-shaped spaces that you’ve been unable to fill until now or even consider giving up a seldom-used closet:


Staircase by Simply Home Decorating


Photo credit: Ron Rosenzweig


Living Room by Neiman Taber Architects


Photo credit: David Churchill – Architectural Photographer


Entry by AOME Architects
Kitchen by Jenni Leasia Design
Living Room by Susan E. Brown Interior Design
Staircase by James Hill Architect, AIA
Family Room by SDG Architecture, Inc.
Living Room by Design Vidal

No nook? Create one! If you plan on building in shelves or cabinetry, leave some space for music.

Family Room by Andrea Schumacher Interiors
Family Room by Smith & Vansant Architects PC
If you happen to have a large space or even a room to dedicate to your piano, lucky you! Go for that baby grand you’ve always wanted. The possibilities are practically endless.
Family Room by Chr DAUER Architects
Living Room by Begrand Fast Design Inc.
Entry by JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction
Living Room by J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC
Living Room by Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc
Living Room by Dillard Pierce Design Associates
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  1. I have a room which has a baby grand piano (painted to look like a marble with gold gild) and want to also hang several violins in different sizes in the room and need help with the design.

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