Expert Advice On Styling Your Bathroom

We are excited to have Beth Lauwagie from Design Your Dwelling on the QB Decor blog today. Beth offers inspirational design advise through her blog and was kind enough to join us here and share some of her expert knowledge…

Bathrooms are a huge selling point in a house that is on the market these days.  Because our bathrooms are an escape from the everyday hustle it’s important to make the bathroom a place where we can relax and rejuvenate so take time to make it your own.

One of my favorite rooms to design and decorate is the bathroom because there is so much potential to make it your own so here are a few ideas to style or re-style your bathroom and make it your own relaxing retreat.

Pick Your Hues

Color lays the foundation for how you want your bathroom to feel.  Blues and greens are easy choices for bathrooms because they are relaxing spay-like colors and associate with water.


(View Similar Bathroom Vanity by Empire)

If you don’t want to limit yourself by color, go with a neutral color like white or grey.


(View this Sink and Tub)

These colors can offer flexibility to change the look of your bathroom without going through the work of painting.  Just make sure to use high-gloss paint.

Add Storage

If your bathroom is like mine, it doesn’t have a lot of storage.  To add storage space to your bathroom, try using some wicker or metal baskets to store linens, toilet paper or magazines.  Baskets also work as storage solutions in open shelves, check out my Design Your Dwelling post titled Baskets Fix Anything for this idea.


Shelves are another idea for adding storage.  Hang wall shelves on an untiled wall to hold canisters filled with your beauty necessities.  Shelves are a great way to add storage in a tight space or along narrow walls.



This is the fun part!  By all means, it’s your bathroom and your retreat so decorate it your way, just be consistent in your style.  Invest in decorative canisters to hold cotton balls, hair accessories, soaps, and sugar scrubs.  Find a small dish to keep next to your sink to put your rings in while washing your hands or showering.  It’s also a good place to put your earrings before bed so you can easily find them in the morning.


An easy, but temporary accessory is adding an organic element into your space like an orchid or fresh flowers.


Towels also count as an accessory.  It’s worth it to invest in a few nice hand towels and bath towels to use when company comes or even to spoil yourself.

Lastly, don’t forget that your mirror can be an accessory too.  This can be your “statement” accessory.  Think outside the box when selecting a mirror like an antique mirror, framed mirror or a mirror that is a unique shape.


Good luck, have fun and enjoy… your spa awaits!

Beth Lauwagie- Design Your Dwelling

Beth Lauwagie

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  1. Could you please tell me where the grey paint in the bathroom (on the left with the white wanescoating) is from and what it’s name is? We love it and would like to get it for our bathrooms! Thanks!

  2. Can you please tell me where you got the vase and flowers shown on the bathroom picture that has the blue wall, also please tell me the name of the blue color paint

  3. Hi, I have a 46.5 ” space wall to wall, what size vanity would work best.
    36″ leaving 5 ” on each side or 40″ leaving 3″ on each side.


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