Weird Houses Around the Globe

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I love seeing the weirdness that some people come up with in home design. When I was house-hunting, I used to sit in the homes and marvel at the fact that the owners really honestly thought that their hideous decor was … Continued

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Worlds Worst Bathroom Disasters

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The best defense against a basement toilet that can’t quite defy gravity is an upflush toilet, such as the ones made by Saniflo. But with many homes still sporting their original plumbing and with many renovators and remodelers slow to jump on the macerating, pressure assisted toilets bandwagon, basement toilet disasters are still happening. Don’t believe us? Check out these horrific episodes of basement toilets gone bad – some of which could’ve been prevented by an upflush toilet. You’ve been warned.

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One Way Bathroom Mirror

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Today’s post, is well a bit off the beaten path. A friend of mine sent me an email with a subject line of “One way mirror public bathroom”. Well the picture did not come through. So naturally with a subject … Continued

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