QB FAQs: How Can I Make My Drain Disappear?

You’ve designed the perfect shower. It’s absolutely beautiful. There’s just one problem: you can’t stand the look of traditional drains.

The center drain just messes up your impeccably planned tile design. Plus, you have to pitch the shower in four directions for proper drainage.
Enter the decorative drain. And no, not just the typical fancied-up grate that doesn’t solve your problems:
Newport Brass 6" Shower Drain
Newport Brass 6″ Shower Drain
…but a drain that all but vanishes into your shower floor while giving you practically unlimited configuration options.
Linear and tile-ready drains are the solution to your shower-drain woes.
California Faucets StyleDrain®
California Faucets StyleDrain®

A tile-ready drain allows one to cover the traditional grate with the tile or solid-surface material used on the rest of the shower floor. This type of drain is ideal for consumers who are working with a new or existing shower floor pitched in four directions and wish to hide the drain; it’s installed as a “regular” drain but can be made to blend in with the flooring.

Infinity Drain TDB Series Kit
Infinity Drain TDB Series

If you’d prefer to do away with the center drain, a linear drain is a must-have. As its name suggests, a linear drain has a long and narrow “line” shape, so it can be installed in a one-directional-pitched shower.

Infinity Drain AG Series
Infinity Drain AG Series
Infinity Drain AS Series
Infinity Drain AS Series

Linear drains work by allowing the water to flow through the drain and into a trough, or channel, beneath the shower floor, where it enters the regular drainage system.


The linear drain may be installed practically anywhere in your shower: at the threshold (whether there is a barrier [door or curb] or not), along the wall, under a shower bench… the possibilities are practically endless.


Leading linear drain manufacturer Infinity Drain supplies drains that will work with any size shower. Their fixed-length drains, available in standard sizes, are installed as-is; revolutionary site sizable drains may be cut down by the installer to fit exactly.

Infinity Drain’s unique fixed flange drains feature a flange around the edge of the drain; water runs through the top of the drain and the trough, bypassing the sub-floor and eliminating the need for the second layer of mortar required by most drain installations.

Infinity Drain FFAS Series with Fixed Flange
Infinity Drain FFAS Series with Fixed Flange

If you’re still not wild about a linear drain, despite its many decorative grate options, you may want an invisible linear drain. Not a problem – choose a tile-ready linear drain!

Infinity Drain TD Series
Infinity Drain TD Series

Having trouble locating a spot for your drain due to existing plumbing access? A side outlet drain directs the water through a horizontal outlet (underneath the floor) to the drainage system.

side outlet
Voilà! You’ve learned the secret of the vanishing drain.

How would you incorporate a linear and/or tile ready drain into your shower?

[Special thanks to Dov from our patient, dedicated and knowledgeable sales team for his invaluable guidance in the crafting of this post.]

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