QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?

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Today, we’ll be addressing a question that is commonly posed to our sales team: what’s the difference between a washlet and a bidet? What are the pros and cons of each? Which one should I get? Read on for a comprehensive guide.


The term “washlet” was actually coined (and trademarked!) by Toto, the toilet manufacturer who remains the top seller of washlets. Also known as a shower toilet seat or bidet seat, a washlet is basically a toilet seat with integrated bidet functions, and typically includes additional features.

toto sw573 washlet s300e 178265 QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?

Toto S300e Washlet

Washlet pros

  • It’s a space saver; no need for more than one fixture, and the plumbing that comes along with a separate bidet. A washlet fits right on top of your existing (compatible) toilet.
brondell s1000 swash 1000 luxury advanced bidet seat 163517 QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?

Brondell Swash 1000 Luxury Advanced Bidet Seat

  • Many washlets include additional features for added comfort. Some models have a warm air dryer, heated seat, deodorizer, customizable front/back wash settings, auto open and close, self-cleaning system, and/or auto flush. You may even find a washlet with lights or the ability to set user preferences!
duravit 222609 sensowash wall mount toilet 2074991 QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?

Duravit Starck 3 SensoWash Wall-Mount Toilet

  • It looks like a regular toilet seat; a washlet has a lid, unlike an open bidet that often resembles a urinal. Some toilets have a built-in washlet, like the Toto Neorest and Duravit SensoWash toilets.
  • Many users find the seat to be more comfortable than the narrower bidet seat.
toto ms990cgr neorest 600 toilet 16 gpf 169654 QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?

Toto Neorest 600 Toilet

Washlet cons

  • A washlet can be more expensive than a bidet, not including the extra plumbing costs. There are, however, more affordable options.
  • Some users are averse to the look of a washlet; many have exposed connections that can detract from its appearance  (some, like Duravit’s SensoWash C toilets, feature concealed connections).

traditional bathroom QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?

A bidet is primarily a European fixture that never garnered much popularity in the USA. It’s a freestanding toilet-like apparatus with a fixed faucet.

toto bt930b bidet vertical spray 169784 QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?

Toto Lloyd Bidet with Vertical Spray

Bidet pros

  • Some find bidets more comfortable to sit on than smaller washlets; this is a matter of personal preference. Try physically sitting on different models before making your choice.
  • The faucet allows users to manually adjust water pressure instead of being confined to preset settings.
scarabeo 2007 wish supported bidet 222347 QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?

Scarabeo Wish Supported Bidet

  • A bidet will have a hot water line running to it for precise and consistent water temperature selection. Washlets rely on an integrated instant heater function that doesn’t always last as long and may result in temperature fluctuations.
666511 nameeks panorama wall hung bidet 233326 QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?

Nameeks GSI Panorama Wall-Hung Bidet

Bidet cons

  • Bidets are not commonly used in the USA; consider resale value on your home.
  • A bidet will require more floor (or wall, depending on mount) space and extra plumbing costs.
modern bathroom QB FAQs: Washlet or Bidet?
  • One must get up from the toilet to use a bidet; a washlet conveniently allows the user to stay in place.
  • Water spray and reach is limited to the area of the stationary faucet.

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